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New Golf!!

Exciting news for Golf fans everywhere, not just in the Harrogate area! VW has confirmed gesture control technology for the Facelift Hatchback Golf in 2016. While most of us like our buttons and knobs, Volkswagen is looking past touchscreens and towards gesture control. The claim is that gestures would eliminate the need to look down or rely on muscle memory to grab a control, meaning less time trying to tune the radio, more time enjoying driving your beloved New Golf. 5 in-car sensors will be in the vehicle, and a 13inch, high resolution colour display will appear on the new dashboard. Personally, we can’t wait. .

VW Emissions Scandal

A lot of our members have been asking us what they should do about the VW emissions scandal. We recommend that you get in touch with the VW dealership where you bought your car. Other than this there are loads of resources on the vw emissions scandal on the web. Most importantly: don't panic. We believe it is only a matter of time until Volkswagen announce a major compensation scheme to help their customers. VW Group are the worlds biggest car manufacturer after all, and clearly realise they need to sort the diesel emissions scandal as soon as possible. Useful links: VW compensation Audi compensation.

The VW Festival

We all had a great time at the VW festival in Leeds; it's really worth the drive, no matter how far away you are. It was fantastic that so many of you came and we hope you enjoyed getting to know each other better as well as exhibiting your price motors. If you were unfortunate enough not to make it, it was a great weekend of live music, live entertainment and VWs galore. We hope to see you all there next year; it really is great, and before that, at the next event!

Camper Festival tips

No Volkswagen camper festival would be complete without a few incidents. Don't be the one person without wellies or a spare toilet role. Here are our top tips for not getting caught short at your next VW camper meet.
1. Wellies: no ifs, no buts, wellies are a must have. You might not be camping in a tent but all those campers sure will churn the grass into mud.
2. Don't over do the cider: we all love a tipple but let's be honest we have to drive home in the morning, and there's always police ready to stop people at the gates who have over indulged.

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